Madden 22: Top 5 Things We Want to See

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These are the five most important things we hope to see in Madden 22. Madden 22 has already started developing the next update of their legendary NFL team. Although the fans got off to a difficult start, in the course of the year, we made some important updates and received good reviews. These are the things we want developers to focus on on Madden 22. If you want your Madden 21 to have a perfect ending, then you can buy Madden 21 Coins to make the game as complete as possible.

1. Maintain Madden 21 updates
It sounds like expectations are low, but there were many features in the previous Madden game, which were later deleted. Whether it is increasing the call limit or the player’s historical data, all year rounds are welcome. They made improvements on various scales, but eliminated errors, they all made the game better.

2. Depth of franchise model
This is why the #FixMaddenFranchise movement is promoted throughout the year. Fans of the franchise model feel inadequate, and when they watch other sports games, it provides more and more depth-shock for their careers. The list of potential depth options is long. These increases will not be difficult, but they do require investment. Buying MUT 21 Coins is also an investment, but this is an investment in the game model, and will not generate any income other than the purchase of games.

3. There are more animations during the game
The next-generation Madden 21 version has shown many improvements, but it is best to see at least some of them standardized. This year's new animation effects are particularly outstanding, especially near the goal line. It's a sense of reality to see your player dive down on the defender's side. The number of explosion animations will greatly improve the experience of those who often play.

4. Add more presentation production
This is the content of the list titled "It appeared in previous games, why did they cancel it?" To help fund some of the above developments, EA can reach an agreement with ESPN or any large network to increase the production value of the game. Bring some live statistics, any game mode will be improved. Showing the opponent's tendencies and the most common games, highlighting dangerous players, usually attracts us to the game!

5. Add pre-match plans and programs to all game modes
This can also improve any game mode. Imagine being able to set up some schemes to improve the scores of your players in certain areas or certain matches. This may be a trade-off between injury and fatigue levels. Are you enhancing the game's strength as much as possible? Maybe you can buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins from GameMS.