"SWTOR Vengeful Soul" Flash Point Guide (Endonae)

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This is a complete guide to the flashpoints of "SWTOR's Soul Revenge" released in game update 6.2 on December 9, 2020. This guide introduces the boss’s mechanics, achievements, knowledge goals and some secrets. Can be applied to all difficulty modes (you may need to add some content and complete some tests)

If you understand how the classroom works and get good grades, these bosses will be much easier. All damage caused by these bosses can be cured, and in most cases, if your DPS is high enough, you can skip the mechanic altogether, so if you can, try to practice on the mannequin if you can , Please be sure to read the manual that suits your specifications.

So far, the boss is in the best physical condition and does not have swtorcredits, so be sure to use single-target tactics. Also, in the cutscenes, make sure to use single-target tactics and click on the console in that room, as it will be collected immediately after the cutscenes. In fact, it does not have many important technical facilities.

This attack will only leave a big red circle on the ground, and if you stand inside it will cause some damage. He tends to throw it at your friends, even though he occasionally throws it at you. This type of attack will put you in place throughout the canal, and you can do nothing even if you suffer a lot of damage. It doesn't conduct this kind of attack often, but if it can, it can get better with https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits.

The owner is a rancher named Goldie and asks you to buy SWTOR Credits from https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits. There are two secret keys in the officer's compartment. Gordy is the next level and basically looks like the brutal war monster you fought in the first boss battle at the "Lakata Flashpoint" site. Production has not increased, so you should use single-target tactical items.