Path of Exile: Initial Impressions of the Ritual Alliance

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"Echoes of the Atlas" is a major update to the final game of "Path of Exile". The addition of a new challenge alliance is something that old players will definitely like. This is definitely what I expect from my work in the Ritual Alliance.

This is not a response to Atlas' "expansion", but a first impression of the challenge of league etiquette. After playing Path of Exile for 30 hours this weekend, I couldn't hear enough voices and I was very impressed with Atlas content. The Echo of the Atlas adds 11 new maps to the Atlas, as well as real-time tiles and epic boss battles in each frame. All this led him to a decisive battle with the epic boss Maven.

POE is an action role-playing game (ARPG). This type of game can quickly kill a large number of monsters. You want your character to feel strong, and you can quickly go through the tile settings to get as many POE Currency as possible. Reaping, Delirium, Legion, Robbery and other past leagues may slow down the players' speed of doing other things for the league. Personally, I like to slow down and spend some time killing monsters at an amazing speed, but most supporters don't like it. The core community wants to kill and rob. The ritual alliance allows players to kill and plunder until their hearts are satisfied. After a while, I realized that performing the ritual was a bit boring, but after adding Atlas' voice to the league, I can see how these rituals help players stay engaged while leveling up.

Basically, this ritual is like harvesting, but there is no need to collect knots and plant seeds. At the same time, Harvest is also part of the alliance and can be simplified more like a ritual than an animal crossing farm simulator. The ritual is in each tile, and a certain amount of ritual must be completed according to the tile. Each tile has a trophy table for the ceremony. When you kill a monster, you will get respect points when you Buy POE Currency. Assuming there are three rituals in laying, you complete the first ritual and get permission to buy tribute loot.