PTS's new SWTOR Swoop racing event

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The SWTOR Swoop Rally is a new version of the public test server this week. This update also brings a new "Welcome Window" with a highlight when you log in to the game.

As this week’s patch introduces the only new event that has been rumored and ridiculed so far, BioWare will SWTOR Public Test Server become a highlight again. The ultimate raid rally in all worlds will be a recurring event, available on all three planets (Dantooine, Onderon and Tatooine).

This event is scheduled to appear within two weeks (probably not yet confirmed) of the release of SWTOR Update 6.1.2 (current target is June release). These events usually last for two weeks when they are first introduced, so I hope the same will happen to the SWTOR Swoop Racing event. Now on PTS, you can test unfinished versions of movie scenes and dialogues. Except for the aliens (Star Wars type) we usually hear in voice (usually computer-generated), the voice-over still does not exist.

The game part seems to be basically intact. The racing track is (almost) fully functional, all missions and interactive targets are present and seem to be running. But let's talk about it later! Like all other activities, it can be started by Buy SWTOR Credits. As I say now, the dialogue is full of errors, unfinished and there is a high risk that you are trapped in what seems to be a closed loop of dialogue choices.

The dialogue is all in the "KOTOR classic style", which means that your character will not speak his own lines, and the camera is still behind you. Unfortunately, but considering the difficulties currently encountered by BioWare and all other game developers, this is understandable, and all developers are working from home, and things are happening more and more slowly. "When you try to accomplish goals tailored to the interests of everyone in the gang, you will drive a walker, such as completing the track as quickly as possible or blowing everything up! Completing these tasks will earn you prestige and get every assault Gang-specific Star Wars the Old Republic Credits"-as stated in BioWare's announcement.