They mention many thousand folks got for purchasing gold within a year of the launch of Skillcapes banned.

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Again skillcapes that was joins was mentioned by you to bots and real world trading. Not one of those links addressing actual world trading cites skillcapes ONCE. Hilarious and RS gold how horribly your perception fails you still think you are right. They mention many thousand folks got for purchasing gold within a year of the launch of Skillcapes banned. Once botting's explosion was evident for all to see throughout 2007 why the hell could I keep a spreadsheet?

I don't have Jagex directly saying skillcapes caused botting, just that RS2 was out for more than two years before Skillcapes came out and we did not have uncontrolled botting. However with them being out F2P worlds were inoculated together in 6 months of Skillcapes and tens of thousands were banned every week for buying gold. Your passive aggressive tone with every reply whilst offering absolutely nothing is shit btw.

Different poster. Correlation doesn't equal causation. Bots increase based on ease of access to computing, knowledge that Runescape is number of players generally, and one that can be botted for gain. Botting will increase since the playerbase or popularity of Runescape increases, because there's more money to be produced. This increase was not alone caused by skillcapes.

I don't have a counterargument to your point. I just felt like saying that personally, while in theory that the debate that Runescape will be better without them may be right, I personally would be interested in that game. Max cape and skillcapes are the reason I created my 1 and OSRS account and they're why I continue to play Runescape. If one mechanic in a game is the driving force behind my 3000+ hours in said game, it is hard to take part in a thought experiment where it is removed. Just a few ideas.

I enjoy the idea of players to getting a account. However, I hate how they tie items like agility shortcuts, boosts to skilling methods, and beneficial teleports to demanding levels in entirely irrelevant skills. The mole is destroyed by the cheap OSRS gold falador achievement diary. What needs to be a pleasure, mid level, low effort boss be basically secured behind 70 prayer, 72 slayer, 56 runecrafting, and a shitton of mining in motherload mine which all have nothing to do with your ability to strike a major mole with a big axe.